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I was pleasantly surprised to find it really
does dissolve my triple-layer of lash armour
effectively without much rubbing. I also
loved the fresh white floral fragrance, and
found it uplifting and refreshing.

a must-have for those with oily skin, combi skin
& oily t-zone and worrying about
oxidization, this will help. it’s been giving me
better shine control on my t zone besides
the pore-less, smooth finish and lasting results.

this is a cult classic. a brow pencil I find
hard to do without. I have been using this
for over 5 years and I keep coming back
even after trying other brow products.

this eyeliner features the longevity and
smooth application of a gel eyeliner with the
convenience and precision of an ultra-thin
pencil. great for everyday definition,
tight lining and water lining.

this compact delivers a smooth appearance
in one quick swipe. if you’re looking for
a fuss-free, high-coverage and high-protection
alternative to liquid foundations, we suggest
giving this neat compact a try!

my holy grail! I have oily skin & was
sceptical about oil cleansers. my skin was
also having the worst breakout of a lifetime
and thus this product was put to a test to
fix my skin and WOW it did!

there’s a reason everyone goes crazy for this
curler — it’s just the best. the curved angle of the
head on this particular curler means there is no
pinching of lids and it takes just one to two
squeeze to curl your lashes to their full potential.

the liner has a calligraphy style brush tip.
one smooth stroke delivers the blackest
of black lines with a steady flow of
ink throughout.

the formula is a pearlescent baby pink with
a subtle floral scent. feels really soft,
lightweight and comfortable on the skin -
neither greasy nor drying. my skin felt instantly
refreshed and plumped up with it on.

a little indeed goes a long way – just a small
pea-sized amount is enough and the
lightbulb-shaped sponge does a good job spreading
it around the entire face. it gives a good,
natural-looking coverage. additionally the moisture
providing capability is also superb and my skin
appears really hydrated, with a sheer glow to boot.