2012 february - march

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soft focus effect and exfoliating ingredient for smooth skin with
less pore visibility.

light diffusion complex

upgraded soft focus effect to optically
minimize appearance of pores

sodium salicylate

exfoliates for smoother surface and
less pore visibility

controls sebum secretion and shine for better lasting of make-up effect.


powerful sebum-absorbing structure

zinc gluconate

regulates sebum secretion

test results* demonstrate that POREraser

  • pores are less visible

  • controls shine

  • provides a beautiful
    finish that lasts all day

*Self-assessment by65 Asian women on makeup finish, 20-40 years old, 7 days usage


*1:with artificial sebum on bioskin

*2:UV under base mousse POREraser 1mg/cm2+1* test in vitro by shu uemura

the product spreads
evenly on the skin

the product has a
light texture

the product is easy
to apply

the product makes
the skin look smooth
the product gives a
flawless complexion
the product
the appearance
of pores

*Self-assessment by65 Asian women on makeup finish, 20-40 years old, 7 days usage



prepare your skin for a pore-less finish

purify and reactivate your skin with our iconic skincare
products to prepare for a truly pore-less finish.

  • UV under base mousse

  • TSUYA skin
    youthful radiance generator

  • high performance
    cleansing oil fresh

the basis of an elegant look is in getting a good foundation that keeps the skin looking natural & radiant. achieve the elegant finish with a pair of false lashes & a touch of colors on the eyes, cheeks and lips. now, that’s what we call a classic, understated elegant look.

  • UV under base mousse
  • face architect smooth fit
    fluid foundation
  • dual fit
    pressed powder

instead of spending hours covering each pore to perfection, these 2 simple steps gets you the pore-less and polished look for the professional image you want to portray at your workplace. with POREraser, you can achieve multiple benefits with minimal effort.

  • UV under base mousse
  • glowing fit
    compact foundation

we love how this look is completely fuss-free and perfect for a lazy Sunday! the trick here is to use the right products that enhance your natural beauty. we say less is more!

  • UV under base mousse
  • dual fit
    pressed powder

how to apply

the application technique originally developed by Mr. Shu Uemura to use
the face structure to create a natural dimension and ideal complexion


  1. generally apply outwards from the center of the face, except around the mouth
  2. for oily and mobile areas, apply a sheer amount
  3. don't forget to apply on the neck

start on the top of the cheek bones, where the skin is the thickest, and move outwards.

around the mouse

apply a sheer amount from the outside toward the lips.


this is the area where skin gets oily. apply a sheer amount.


like the nose, this area is also where skin gets oily. apply a sheer amount.


the skin of the eye area is thin and moves a lot. applying a heavy amount will emphasize the wrinkles.
apply a sheer amount.


apply a sheer amount also on neck to unify with the face tone.
it is also important to protect the neck from UV rays.