a story of naginata

carefully calculated tip was named after the traditional Japanese sword, naginata, the signature weapon carried by female warriors belonging to Japanese nobility

the unique naginata shape and its increased surface area allows the sharp thin flat sides of the lead to last longer, while enabling individual fine lines to be drawn with precision

3 steps for 3-dimensional brows

step 1: shade to recreate shadow


non-wax base liquid formula,
waterproof, smudge-proof,
long-lasting and easy to
apply for a natural eyebrow

unique brush-like applicator
for precise application

step 2: draw to define

hard formula h9$33

beloved for more than 25 years.

unique formula that releases
color pigments when it interacts
with the oils in the brow hairs.
available in hard lead for lasting,
natural finish.

step 3: color brow hair

eyebrow manicure$42

innovative brush designed
to match any shape of
eyebrow easily and
catches any length of
eyebrow easily.

let your brows define your style


our signature 3D brow styling service

enhance your beauty with 3-dimensional brows by shu uemura brow artisans


  • • analysis of facial contour and bone structure
  • • brow shaping (trimming and plucking) using shu uemura's professional brow tools
  • • brow styling through shading, defining and coloring to perfect desired brow style

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