shu uemura
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comfort matte you dare to wear everyday!

comfort matte you dare to wear everyday!

rouge unlimite supreme matte
rouge unlimite supreme matte
extreme matte texture with uncompromising moisturising properties
  • superb matte effect thanks to carefully selected matte powders
  • ultra comfort feeling thanks to a combination of 3 active ingredients
24 vivid long-lasting shades flattering for Asians
  • pure colour payoff due to shu uemura’s signature hybrid pigment
WN227 WN 227
WN245 WN 245
WN266 WN 266
WN285 WN 285
RD156 RD 156
RD144 RD 144
RD187 RD 187
CR334 CR 334
PK354 PK 354
OR530 OR 530
OR550 OR 550
CR345 CR 345
CR344 CR 344
BG934 BG 934
BG943 BG 943
RD165 RD 165
PK348 PK 348
PK355 PK 355
PK356 PK 356
PK375 PK 375
PK376 Pk 376
OR570 OR 570
CR342 CR 342
BG944 BG944
easy application for make-up artist precision
  • unique shape of lipstick for easy application with make-up artist precision
rouge unlimited supreme matte
$38 each

pony’s top favourites!




“neither a cold nor warm red colour… effect of brightening up the facial complexion.”

ocha pink


ocha pink

“strong pink colour that is high in saturation… has the effect of tidying up a drab skintone”

ocha pink
yo-yogi orange


yo-yogi orange

“vermillion orange colour that is high in saturation…helps to create a dynamic and active mood”

yo-yogi orange
cat street coral


cat street coral

“coral colour that carries a slight shade of yellow…neither too reddish nor too bright”

cat street coral
pony’s choice


pony’s choice

“toned down pink colour with a hint of subtle plum…allows one to createa variety of different make-up looks”

pony’s choice