brand philosophy

the art of beauty

founded and named after legendary Japanese make-up artist and beauty pioneer, Shu Uemura, the brand breaks all boundaries in beauty creation. inspired by an aesthetic and professional spirit of the artisan, the shu uemura brand was developed on the founder's holistic philosophy that beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin. believing that quality of skincare is essential in creating beautiful make-up, the most advanced skincare formulas using powerful phyto-ingredients and breakthrough technologies are used as the first step to revealing every woman's unique beauty. blending nature, science, and art together with brand's pioneer spirit combine to create cutting-edge make-up, innovative high performing skincare and elegantly craftly professional quality tools that fuse simplicity and elegance. the extraodinary spectrum of colors and textures found within shu uemura's atelier enables every user to becomes a true artist, liberated to freely experiment with infinite expression and make-up designs. explore the world of shu uemura and find your own unique beauty.