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blanc:chroma brightening UV cushion foundation

the SMART cushion. from the Asian make-up experts.
instantly brighten up. flawless coverage - radiance - SPF 50+ PA+++

SMART application
- unique cushion puff made up of a plush pile of soft flocky hairs
     â–¸ hold and releases the liquid formula, enabling even application
         and fresh radiant finish with every touch.
     â–¸ for a naturally radiant and expert finish, press and glide the puff
         following facial contours.

SMART formula
- formula is jellified at rest and fluid during application.
     â–¸ delivers the benefits of a flawless make-up finish with the
          convenience of being able to use it anytime, anywhere.
- formulated with brightening actives such as melano SW +
  vitamin CG.
     â–¸ reveals skin's brightness with overtime use and helps to target
         dark spots for anti-pigmentation effect.

SMART cushion system
- auto-wiper membrane + auto-dispenser (non woven fiber matrix).
     â–¸ allows for better pick-up of product and even application.

  • how to use

1. start where the upper and lower jaw bone meet, press and glide diagonally across the cheeks.

2. lightly place the puff on the area around the mouth, gliding in towards the lips.

3. on the nose, move from top to bottom and around the contours in a gliding motion.

4. moving to the forehead, press and glide outwards from the center.

5. in the same manner, apply around the eye area, gliding from inner to outer eye.

6. finish with the neck area using downward motions.