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stage performer fresh tint all-in-one hydrating UV cushion SPF 38 PA+++

my skin, but better
tint, blur, hydrate, protect, retouch, all-in-one. just simply pat onto skin, it blurs out pores, evens skin tone, while giving skin a vitalized look with a  beautiful lasting finish. NEW fresh tint puff absorbs sebum and is anti-bacteria. helps to dispense formula evenly while neutralizing shine. 
makeup benefits:
- carefully formulated with mineral pigment for creating a lightly tinted finish
- consists of silicon-based, pore-covering gel to provide a blurring effect for a visibly smoother complexion
skincare benefits:
- contains japanese white peony to vitalize skin for a healthy complexion
- delivers moisture through skin with depsea water content 
- defends skin from UVA/UVB rays with SPF38PA+++ 

  • how to use
step 1: start where the upper and lower jaw bone meet, press and glide diagonally across the cheeks.

step 2: lightly place the puff on the area around the mouth, gliding in towards the lips.

step 3: on the nose, move from top to bottom and around the contours in a gliding motion.

step 4: moving to the forehead, press and glide outwards from the center.

step 5: finish with the neck area using downward motions.