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petal skin fluid foundation

bloom into petal soft radiance with natural poreless coverage. blossom in this everyday lightweight foundation!

Inspired by the beauty of petals, the new petal skin fluid foundation features a unique and innovative combination of semi-matte and semi-glow characteristics in one beautiful formula. the unique petal skin technology within the foundation contains mineral fine-pigments with high skin affinity, hence offering a natural poreless coverage that emits soft radiance.

available in 11 shades

  • how to use
step 1: start where the upper and lower jaw bone meet, press and glide diagonally across the cheeks.

step 2: lightly place the puff on the area around the mouth, gliding in towards the lips.

step 3: on the nose, move from top to bottom and around the contours in a gliding motion.

step 4: moving to the forehead, press and glide outwards from the center.

step 5: finish with the neck area using downward motions.