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the lightbulb essence essential oil-in-foundation SPF 45 PA+++

5 precious botanical oils have been integrated into 1 sensorially relaxing, yet caring and gentle formula. this essential-oil-in formula provides a deep moisture feel and natural coverage that cocoons the skin with softness. instantly, the skin radiates with a healthy glow. in 2 weeks, even without make-up, bare skin looks smoother and healthier. it also has powerful dual protection against UVA/UVB to work as a daily city defense.

30ml - $88

  • how to use
step 1: start where the upper and lower jaw bone meet, press and glide diagonally across the cheeks.

step 2: lightly place the puff on the area around the mouth, gliding in towards the lips.

step 3: on the nose, move from top to bottom and around the contours in a gliding motion.

step 4: moving to the forehead, press and glide outwards from the center.

step 5: finish with the neck area using downward motions.