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the lightbulb glowing face powder

the lightbulb glowing face powder

visible glow

the lightbulb glowing face powder immediately adds a soft, natural glow to skin. the oil-coated... read more

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the lightbulb glowing face powder immediately adds a soft, natural glow to skin. the oil-coated powder formula of this glow powder makeup creates a warm, translucent glow without a powdery feeling. shu uemura atelier has created a face powder that delivers an impeccable, natural, and translucent dimensional glow without an artificial look. to enhance translucency without leaving a powdery feeling, oil-coated powder complex has been incorporated with the lightbulb's signature oleo-technology, which includes ingredients that have a higher reflective index than other oils used with powders. in addition, amino acid-treated blurring powder diffuses light and helps to achieve a blurring effect. apply with the lightbulb puff, especially designed for the lightbulb glowing face powder, for good powder pick-up, thin and even layering, and adhesion to skin. use it with stage performer glow creator and lightbulb fluid foundation for easy sculpting and instant contouring through a fusion of light. this glow expert trio empowers you to control and customize light for a beautiful, dimensional glow.

after applying foundation, use puff or face powder brush to spread powder smoothly and evenly from center of the face outward.



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