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blanc:chroma essence

"NEW! powerful brightening active “4D Complex” goes beyond dark spots to fight against 4 chroma imperfections for luminous, transparent skin."

30ml - $120

  • how to use
  • benefits
apply to skin after lotion and before emulsion or cream.
for best results, follow these easy steps:

step 1: apply 2-3 pumps to the face thoroughly using fingertips or sponge.

step 2: skin is now ready for a moisturizer.

*may also be applied around the eyes, mouth and neck


melano SW a Whitening active with powerful depigmentation action. It helps lighten the skin while anti-pigmentation action protects skin from darkening when exposed to UV rays.
olive leaf helps reduce the formation of lipoperoxides for less yellow, fairer skin.
boldo leaf long used in phyto therapies and medicines, assist with skin conditioning properties act on the skin to gently reduce the uneven redness.
corrallina officinialis a red seaweed that revitalizes skin to encourage healthy, rosier skin and stimulates the epidermis to reinforce the skin barrier.