lacquer impact, defined lips
discover the new laque
supreme liquid lipstick

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lacquer impact, defined lips
discover the new laque supreme liquid lipstick

new laque supreme’s captivating lip colors now come in a wider range of 16 hues with true color pigment pay-off.

this lipstick formula does not feather and offers high-shine like a lacquer lip gloss, and high-impact lip color like a lipstick that lasts long. the special applicator enables a precisely defined lip contour for a finish that becomes your lip signature.


watch how Lauren Tsai, model celebrity, expresses her lipsignature

laque supreme lipstick looks
makeup tips from the shu
uemura atelier

find your lipsignature discover the right lipstick
color to express yourself

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lipsignature flash lip makeover

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flash lip makeover by the Asian make-up experts,
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NYLON's guide to finding your lipsignature

  • photo: Adele Chan (Nylon Singapore)
  • makeup: Sophia Chia
    (Education Manager of shu uemura Singapore)

    and Kenneth Basco
    (Certified Make-Up Artist of shu uemura Singapore)
  • hair: Josh Low (Harts Salon)
read on to find out!

precisely defined
lip contour
for your lipstick look

  • Intense color
    intense colorthe combination of shu red dye and the coating polymers bring true color intensity with a translucent luster.
  • Innovative applicator
    innovative applicatorthis applicator enables precise contouring and even application which is exclusively designed for laque supreme by shu uemura’s international chief makeup artist.
  • Defined contour
    defined contourfeaturing oil-in-water emulsion formula with honey-comb like structure, laque supreme creates a contour that does not feather.
Uchiide’s makeup talk

uchiide’s makeup talk
makeup trends from shu uemura’s international artistic director

for spring summer 2018 makeup is all about intensely pigmented yet high-shine luster lips for a fresh and modern look. combined with a translucent, natural healthy luminous skin, thick eyebrows, shimmery eyeshadow with modern graphical lines completes the perfect 2018 S/S look.

long-lasting yet shiny laque supreme leaves an impression that gives a real depth of color. Define your signature lips with 16 shades using the special applicator designed for laque supreme.

also, in our 16 shades, on top of vivid statement lip colors, you can find natural color range of nude beige to pink beige to match with eye focused makeup such as striking eyeliner looks.