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pollution accelerates skin’s dullness by 2.5x

pollution accelerates the generation of protein stains by 2.5 times*1, causing the skin to turn yellow and dull.

PM2.5: can’t be seen but shouldn’t be overlooked

PM2.5 refers to the particles of pollutions that are 1/30 the thickness of hair – essentially invisible. according to our consulting dermatologist*2, PM2.5 that penetrates skin may impact skin cells, causing oxidative stress and inflammation that accelerates skin aging.

*1 L’Oreal in vivo study, 1999-2000
*2 Dr. Li LI, Director of Laboratory of Cosmetic Evaluation, Department of Dermatovenereology, West China Hospital, Medicine of Sichuan University

“Anti/Oxi+ thoroughly removes pollutants like PM2.5 from the skin.”

International chief make-up artist and product designer

the new generation green cleansing oil is designed to eliminate micro-sized pollutants such as PM2.5 as well as protein stains.

purify, protect and pamper your skin with Anti/Oxi+*!

PURIFY: remove protein stains & stubborn makeup
PROTECT: anti-pollution & anti-oxidant
PAMPER: nourishing hydration & refreshing scent

*suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. allergy tested. non-comedogenic. mineral-oil free.

Anti/Oxi+ pollutant & dullness clarifying cleansing oil 450ml/150ml 125sgd/55sgd

an unprecedented cleansing innovation

with a breakthrough molecule, the new blend of botanical origin oils removes stubborn make-up, cleanse and nourishes the skin in one-step.

super greens for the skin

green tea extract

known for anti-oxidant properties.

moringa extract

known for its anti-pollution properties.

papaya extract

known to contain papaya protease, a powerful yet gentle natural exfoliator to polish away protein stains.

anti/oxi+ leaves skin clean and hydrated while improving radiance and transparency.

clear off 91% of pollutants including PM2.5

polluted skin

skin cleansed with Anti/Oxi+
*pollutant removal test on 21 women aged from 20 to 45 years old using Anti/Oxi+, 2015

within 4 weeks, yellow dull look is faded


*CLBT test on 42 Asian women using Anti/Oxi+ twice a day for 4 weeks, 2015

88% commented that it was easy to rinse off 96% felt it didn't leave a filmy feeling after washing

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discover 6 variants of cleansing oil, for different skin type and concerns

1. We heard you’re a fan of shu uemura’s eyebrow pencil but have not tried our cleansing oil before. What drew you to try Anti/Oxi+ this time?

My previous water-based make up remover didn’t really provide me with a full cleanse. Feels like there were still some residue left over. What got me interested in Anti/Oxi+ is when I heard that it doubles up as a cleanser as well, so that means i get to skip an additional step in my cleansing regime.   

2. As an entrepreneur, jetsetter and bride-to-be, how has this new cleansing regime changed your life?

I nolonger need to use a make-up remover and a cleanser! This all-in-one has saved me a lot of time amidst my really packed schedule!

3. You have used the Anti/Oxi+ for 2-3 weeks now, any noticeable difference to your skin?

I really like it! Unlike my previous water-based make up cleansing water. this actually doesn’t strip my skin off the moisture. My skin actually feels moisturised after each cleanse. Added plus point for its soothing and refreshing scent!

1. You were using shu uemura cleansing oil for 5 years previously! Why did you stop?

I was a loyal user until I started putting on lash extensions 15 years ago.

2. As an avid lash extension user, what are some challenges you face when it comes to cleansing your face?

It is a hassle using a mineral-oil free make-up remover followed by a face cleanser. In the process, it can get tricky removing my eyeliner while keeping my lash extensions intact.

3. How has the cleansing regime with anti/oxi+ changed your life?

It has brought me so much convenience! Anti/Oxi+ is able to cleanse my face and remove all traces of my eye makeup. It keeps my lash extensions in its original condition and keeps me relax thanks to it’s refreshing scent.

4. You have used anti/oxi+ for 2 weeks now, any noticeable differences to your skin?

My skin feels softer and smoother than before. Pore seems to have minimised as well.

1. We know you have been using shu uemura cleansing oil for years! How long exactly has it been?

I remember buying my first bottle of High Performance Cleansing Oil in 2002 when I was in school, so about 14 years now!

2. As a beauty blogger, you have tried many cleansers and makeup removers. What keeps you coming back to shu uemura cleansing oil?

It feels counter-intuitive to a lot of people but nothing gets rid of pore-clogging sebum and waterproof makeup as well as a good oil. I go back and forth to cheaper alternatives but Shu Uemura oils always feel the most reliable in terms of performance. I also like the fact that the formulations are constantly being upgraded and refined with newer ingredients and technologies.

3. Having used our cleansing oil for years what are some notable skincare benefits you have experienced?

When I was younger and my skin was oilier, I tended to wear heavier, waterproof bases. Shu Uemura oils helped me to get the makeup residue off, and minimized clogged pores. Now that I’m older and my skin has become drier and more sensitive, I’m still able to get the deep cleanse I need without stripping my skin with harsh, drying ingredients.

4. In 3 simple words, how would you describe the Anti/Oxi+?

Thorough. Powerful. Brilliant.