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shu uemura - mindfully crafted in japan

shu uemura mindfully crafted in japan

in a world of fleeting excess, shu uemura lives by ‘mottainai’,
the Japanese way to be mindful of what is truly valuable.

mindful of Japanese nature, selecting sustainable locally-sourced plants. mindful
of Japanese resources, living in harmonious circularity within the world that
nourishes us, taking only what we need.
mindful of Japanese craftsmanship, tools and techniques passed through
generations that we protect and preserve.

to us, there is nothing more valuable.

mindful of
japanese nature

shu uemura selects sustainable locally-sourced plants / ingredients from different regions of Japan:

  • tsubaki from toshima island

  • matcha tea from uji

  • yuzu from kochi

  • charcoal from wakayama

  • sakura sake extract from ishikawa

  • sakura petal extract from iwate

  • white peony from niigata

shu uemura is mindful of resources that respect nature’s sustainability. for example, tsubaki oil from toshima island is cultivated without chemicals and pesticide, carefully hand-picked by artisans in pursuit of quality and safety.

always mindful of japan's environment and resources

tsubaki oil

toshima, japan

tsubaki oil

tsubaki oil

toshima, japan

pressed from tsubaki seeds sourced from toshima island. mindfully cultivated and harvested by japanese artisans.


kochi, japan



kochi, japan

extracted from freshly-picked yuzu. natural origin hand-plucked.

matcha tea

uji, japan

matcha tea

matcha tea

uji, japan

extracted from fine quality match leaves selected with hands of japanese artisans. cultivated and harvested in the birthplace of japanese tea.

anti/oxi+, ultime8, botanicOil - discover cleansing oils

enjoy additional 10 bonus points with the return of any empty
and clean full-sized cleansing oil bottles, exclusively at
shu uemura ION Orchard flagship store.

traditional craftsmanship

mindful of japanese

shu uemura’s brushes are hand-made in kumano, the cradle of calligraphy in Japan, where the know-how is transmitted generation after generation.

great tools evoke inspiration, they
constantly leads to excellence

shu uemura’s brushes are an extension of the artist’s hands, the ideal form of each finger. they can be used for both the smaller and larger angles of the face, and firmly move from one point to another to trace beautiful lines or create smoothly delicate shadows. a subtle difference in the hair tip shape and degree of elasticity makes a big difference in the makeup results.

traditional craftsmanship

japanese resources

formula with biodegradable ingredients

to retain harmony within the environment, shu uemura selects biodegradable ingredients, which can be decomposed naturally by living micro organisms. for example, botanicoil cleansing oil is 99% biodegradable.* *as per OECD 301 or equivalent tests

PCR plastics

shu uemura’s cleansing oil bottles are made with 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.* PCR plastics are the recycled materials from existing PET bottles and other plastics. reprocessing existing plastics uses less energy and fossil fuels. *except for colorants

biodegradable pcr plastics
refillable package

refillable packaging

being the professional makeup artist with a culture of customizing his own tools, mr. shu uemura started to market refillable items such as glow on and eye palette since 1983 at his first beauty boutique opening in omotesando, revolutionalizing the cosmetic retail landscape.

now, refillable items are encouraged to reduce the amount of plastic usage, while still catering to the professional needs of makeup artists at shu uemura. currently, our eyeshadow mono/duo/quad/octo palettes, face color’s duo palettes, mechanical eyebrow pencil, liner, powder foundation, and cushion are all refillable.

refillable package